Why Good Portuguese Water Dog Breeders Are As Important As Good Dog Owners

You need to find good portuguese water dog breeders if you have your heart set on obtaining one of these pooches as a pet and you also need to make sure this dog is the right fit for your family.    This may seem like obvious and non-brainer advice but the fact is, nowadays, it’s easy to make the wrong assumptions about a breed and you can never be too careful when it comes to finding a reputable breeder, especially when it comes to purebred dogs that are in high demand.

Although this breed became nearly extinct in the 1960’s, today they are one of the most popular breeds to own, especially since the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and his family, have selected the PWD as their first dog.  While it is great news Continue reading Why Good Portuguese Water Dog Breeders Are As Important As Good Dog Owners

Portuguese Water Dogs Breed Information

The portuguese water dog is a water-loving and loyal canine that is affectionate and sociable with everyone, including children, strangers, dogs and other house pets.  They are brave companions, are very intelligent, highly trainable, learn quickly and like to have something to do.  This is not a dog that likes to sit around idly all day; he requires daily exercise for both his mind and body.  This pooch needs a dominant leader.  An owner not up for the task will discover that though this breed has a stable and pleasant personality, he can be stubborn and difficult to control if he tries to take over the pack.

Therefore, if you believe portuguese water dogs are the right breed for you and your lifestyle, it’s high time you took a closer look Continue reading Portuguese Water Dogs Breed Information