Portuguese Water Dog Puppy Training Tips

Solving Portuguese Water Dog Puppy Training Behavior Problems By Preventing Them Before They Start

A portuguese water dog puppy is sweet but it is a sweetness that can quickly sour if you don’t learn to control your pet, teach him rules and treat him like a dog.  Yes, the pup is a member of your family and should be treated with love, kindness and respect, but he needs to know his place and – more importantly – wants to know where he stands in the hierarchy of the pack.  A canine that does not know his position will seek leadership and this can create some serious problems.  Therefore, you need to prevent these issues before they start.

Here are ten pointers on how to teach your portuguese water dog puppy that you are the leader of the pack.

1.    Feed him after you eat, not before.  The alpha always eats first.  Also, never feed him from the table; this creates a begging dog.

2.    Always walk through doors before him.  You should always Continue reading Portuguese Water Dog Puppy Training Tips